The first thing I noticed upon purchasing this was the hand-stamped Les Stroud insignia stamp of authenticity found on the handle. That paired with the distinctive two-tone head and long, hickory wood handle was what made me realize that this axe would be everything I needed.

Wetterlings Bushman Axe

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The Wetterlings Bushman Axe by Survivorman, Les Stroud

Top Features:

  • Gorgeous two-tone steel head
  • Includes bulleted leather sheath
  • Expert craftsman-formed handle
  • Convenient, lightweight specifications of: 1.6 lbs and 22 inches long

Each time one of these beautiful hickory wood axe handles comes off of the lathe, it is then further shaped and hand-sanded by skilled craftsmen. Most manufacturers simply use mechanical sanders, but not the people at Wetterlings.  Going along with that, the head was specially quenched to create it’s progressive two-toned look. At 1.6 lbs, I find myself definitely having way more control over this axe than most others and it’s been a staple feature in helping me produce the utmost intricate of work. As an added perk, the Wetterlings Bushman Axe also includes a handsome leather sheath that has sturdy bullets affixed around the edges to safeguard this axe.

What Comes With Wetterlings Bushman Axe ?
It comes hand-stamped with authenticity from Wetterlings and a leather sheath that promotes safe carrying and storage

Is This for an Amateur, a Pro, or Someone in Between?
This is definitely a wonderful tool for all stages of those in the woodworking trade. However, while I find myself at expert level now, this was one of the first ones I decided to buy once I knew what I was getting into and just beginning. It was probably one of the best things I ever did.  This Wetterlings  axe served as a wonderful learning vessel for me . Based off of everything that I’ve learned about the awesome profession of woodworking, I find that it’s actually for the best that I started off with such a high quality product. It does certainly help in leaps and bounds when you can start off with setting the bar so high in terms of equipment performance.

Are There any Downsides?
There is seriously no downside to this axe whatsoever. It’s gorgeous, sleek, works incredibly well, and will knowingly stand up to the hardest of work for the years to come.

Would you Recommend this?
We all have our “favorite axes”. Your favorite axe might be one that had been passed down to us through generations, or maybe your favorite is simply one that’s lasted long enough for us to finally be confident in it. But you can put your great-great grandpa’s axe up in a case now and you can hang up your faithful axe because this axe performs in both durability as well as in the same, classic, trustworthy manner that helped build the first sturdy homes some 400 years ago. I would certainly recommend this to anyone, of any experience in the woodworking field.

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