Straight from the beautiful, piney land of Sweden, is one of the finest axes that was ever created for the most enduring task of all–(my personal favorite) tree felling.

Hults Bruk Felling Axe

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Hults Bruk Atran Felling Swedish Axe, 3.5 lb. Head, 32 in. American Hickory Handle

Top Features:

  • Specially treated, 31 inch Hickory handle
  • Created specifically with a tempered zone to ensure lasting sharpness
  • Hand-ground steel to create increased durability with each strike of the head
  • Stamp of Authenticity

Hults Bruk is another brand that ensures copious amounts of quality. This company has existed since 1692, and the roots of it, as well as the durability through the centuries shows very brightly in this specific axe.  It’s a much larger axe, but still rather lightweight at only 3.5 lbs. It may be larger, but it’s designed for the incredibly large project of cutting down trees. The coolest thing that I’ve found about this axe is the fact that it’s been created specifically to maintain its’ sharpness. On top of that, I was also totally pleased with my purchase once I learned that the steel in the head is 100% hand-ground so that it can activate a special intrinsic technology that actually increases the blade’s durability the more that it’s used. I don’t know about you, but I, personally, was totally blown away by that.

Last but not least, this is another non-mechanically sanded, linseed-oil treated hickory wood handle ensures that you have the best grip and stability possible while you’re felling. The stamp of authenticity on the handle serves as a reminder of that, even when this axe is hanging up in your workspace.

What Comes With Hults Bruk Axe?
Included with this axe is a leather sheath adorned with Swedish embellishments. However, I will say, this axe certainly does come with a sense of sheer pride. From the moment that I picked it up, I knew I was turning over a new leaf when it came time to begin felling for the season.

Is This for a Pro, an Amateur, or Someone in Between?
I would not recommend the art of felling to anyone who is not at least close to being able to identify as an expert. There are so many things that can go wrong if not properly trained, and the fact that this axe is specifically for felling, I would only advise that expert-level loggers purchase this axe.

What are the Downsides?
If properly trained, I see no downsides to the use of this felling axe. It enables me to create the best wood cuts when I’m felling.

Would you Recommend this?
I would. While this axe’s blueprint is something that has been passed down all the way from 1697, it has the newest technology administered from blade to hooking hole. It’s ruggedness is unmatched and over the past few years, it has really stood up to it’s name for me. I assure you that it would for you as well. This is by far, the best tool I’ve ever utilized when creating my wood bundles to be able to use all winter long

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