Gransfors axes are well known for their high quality and craftsmanship. Each axe is handcrafted for the specific use, whether it be for felling trees, for hunting forays, for the functional uses of chopping wood, splitting wood, and even for the sport of axe throwing. You can find them in the hands of carpenters, of people who are camping, in the hands of log home craftsmen, and everyday home owners. Warranty for the ax head is for 20 years, so Gransfors completely stands behind their work.

Each axe is idivudiually handcrafted by professional blacksmith in Sweden. They are designed for heft and balance, are hand forged, have handles of oak hickory, and come with sheaths of grain leather. Each smith marks their work with their initials, and the axes are completely honed and ready to be put to work.

The selection is based on the purpose of use. Here are the various types:

Wildlife hatchet

This hatchet is designed for ease of carrying, light weight, and small enough to fit in your backpack or to hang on your belt. These were designed for cutting branches, and making kindling. Whether you are out camping or at home splitting kindling, this compact hatchet will fit your needs in this area. The head on this hatchet is the same as in the Hand hatchet, but gives you a longer handle which allows you more strength and power when at work. The sheath is designed to completely cover the cutting edge and the top part of the poll, so there is no danger of it cutting into your backpack while you are carrying it. With a 3 inch face, and a 14 inch handle, it easily fits into a backpack. And with a head weight of only one pound, it will not burden you down as you traverse the countryside.

Mini hatchet

The 2 ½ inch face, 10 inch handle and weight of 0.7 pounds makes the Gransfors Mini hatchet ideal for frequent use, whether it be for fishing, assisting in the kitchen, camping and hiking. It is the smallest of the Gransfors axes and is able to withstand more use than a pocket knife. It comes with a sheath of full grain leather, and is well suited to the harder uses needed when camping, such as making kindling. Don’t let its small size fool you!

Hunter’s axe

Hunter’s axe – the name says it all. This axe is made specifically for skinning and hunting needs. It is well able to chop wood as well as game, with its flay poll that is rounded and polished. In order to be used for skinning needs a poll that is thin, rounded and burnished. A straight poll, with hard corners will catch on the skin and damage what you are working on. The handle is designed with circular grooves that will give you a good grip, even if your hands are slippery with wet. With a 3 ¼ inch face, 19 inch hickory handle, and 1 ½ pound head weight, it is also able to be used for wood chopping. Of course it also comes with a full grain leather sheath. This exceptional axe won a design award from The Swedish Society of Crafts and Design.

Small forest axe

The Small Forest Axe gives more power than the axes listed previously, due to a 3 ¼ inch face, head weight of 1 ½ pounds, and a 19 inch hickory handle. With the larger head and longer handle you get increased chopping power which makes it ideal for cutting kindling, or limb wood for your fire. This ax, while very similar to the Hunter’s ax, has the typical square edges and typically shaped poll. The thin blade assists in chopping needs. In order to carry it in a backpack, you would need a large backpack, but it easily fits into the back of your car, or your boat.

Small splitting axe

This Gransfors axe weighs in at 2 pounds for head weight, 2 ½ inch face, 23 inch hickory handle, and comes with a full grain leather sheath. The handle has a collar around the base of the axe head which protects it from blows, and grooving to aid in grip. The head is unique in that it is ground to thin the blade by grinding it to be concave, which will allow for a good bite into the wood, and then as the follow through of the blow continues, the thicker area of the head will drive the wood into pieces. You will find that this axe is able to be used with one hand, and this one is designed for up to moderate sized firewood work. Do not even consider using this wonderful tool as a wedge as it is not designed for this. It also is not made to be used to hit the wedge.

Large splitting axe

This heavy axe is able to be used with hardwoods as well as softer woods, and the entire spread of sizes of wood. With the larger axe face of 3 inches, combined with the head weight of 3.5 pounds, and a 27 inch hickory wood handle, precisely crafted with circular grooves for improved grip, and the protective collar of steel, it is able to handle quite a lot. The head is designed to be concave, allowing for a thinner blade, and it has forged cheeks on both sides. This is not to be used with a wedge or for pounding a wedge.

Splitting maul

The heaviest axe made by Gransfors Bruks, the splitting maul carries enough weight and design to be used in conjunction with a wedge. It weighs in at 5.5 pounds, and has a 2 ½ inch face, ground to concave and forged, in order to provide a thin blade which will cut into wood and then follow the blade as the wider parts of the head will spread the cut in the wood. It has a 31 ½ inch handle, also with a steel collar, and the circular grooves that proved an excellent grip surface. The face is 2 ½ inches. The poll is designed to be able to be used to strike a wedge as well.

Outdoor axe

Designed by an outdoor specialist and survivalist, Lars Falt, in conjunction with Gransfors Bruk, this axe is perfect for backpacking, due to its size, longer handle to maximize strength with the support of the heavy head weight. The designer certainly had the background to determine the needs for this axe, as he has written ten books on survivalist needs. He began the Swedish Armed Forces Survival School, and trained the Swedish Army Ranger Battalion for 35 years. With the background in the Ranger School and the Parachute Ranger school, he has unquestionable expertise. The combination of the longer handle and the lighter head gives an efficient and effective tool, able to handle a wide range, from limbing to woodcarving or cutting up of food. Not only will this tool allow you to cut firewood, but it will split firewood, chop firewood, and then be used like you would a heavy knife.

Swedish carving axe

This axe is based on historic Swedish carving techniques and developed by Wille Sundqvist, master craftsman and author of Swedish Carving Techniques. The grip on the handle is made to be more rugged for added grip. The handle can be special ordered for left or right bevel in addition to carved handle. This ax is designed for sculpture, use in the making of wooden carvings and architecture. The carved portion of the cutting edge is thicker, and the wide face is beveled and has a big angle, all of which makes it an excellent carving tool. The cutting edge is placed well above the handle, which allows for good control. The face is 4 1/3 inches, with a head weight of 2 pounds, and a 14 inch handle of hickory. As with each axe, it comes with its own full grain leather sheath.