This Gransfors small forest axe might perform best when it is chopping some of the smaller things in this great big world of ours, however, it’s performance is gigantic.

Gransfors Bruks Small Forest Axe

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Top Features:

  • Includes vegetable-tanned leather sheath
  • Lightweight with a perfect blond oak handle
  • Perfectly efficient and portable

Whether your reasoning is like mine for purchasing this and you love really roughing it (in every context of the phrase) when you go camping with your family and friends, really dig doing cool wood crafts with your children,  or just enjoy creating intricate designs in wood, this Small Forest Axe is certain to be able to help you with any of that. Further driving that point home, this axe can also fit into just about any backpack and won’t weigh you down It’s only about two lbs and 19 inches long, so it’s perfect hiking or any other journey your find yourself on.

What Comes With Gransfors Bruks Axe?
Gransfors Bruks Small Forest axe comes accompanied with a striking brown leather sheath for protection and carrying as well as its’ own sharpening grindstone. Another mark of quality is also the branded logo found neatly placed on the handle.

Is Small Forrest Axe  for an Amateur, a Pro, or an Expert?
This is most certainly an axe that is for anybody. As I said, I personally love taking it with me when I am taking my family camping to build a small fire like we’ve been doing for years. I’ve also tried my hand at outdoor wood carving with it (which I’m still really rather mediocre at) and it’s worked fantastically. I’ve also used this to assist in the felling that I mentioned in the last review in terms of tiny branches that get in the way and other things of the like.

Are there any Downsides?
Absolutely not. This is actually one of the most fun little axes I’ve ever had the pleasure of owning. It has the ability to construct anything from birdhouses to end tables to benches to campfires.

Would you Recommend this?
Without any doubt, yes! The fact that it’s lightweight means that it’s able to provide me with a nice leisurely time when I use this axe–and in every sense of the word at that. Like I said, this a fun axe, meant for use during the little breaks of enjoyment we get in between the daily routine. This is the axe you use what you use when you’re constructing a new work of art for yourself or a loved one. This is the axe you use when your children ask, “What are you doing?” and you finally get the opportunity to show them the awesome tree fort or wood sculpture that you’ve been working onAt least–that’s the purpose it’s served for me.

This is my all-time favorite axe that I’ve used to date. I love it because it’s small, it’s attractive, solid, and the very best of all of it’s positive points– It’s multi-functional, and it can also perform hard work when I need it to.

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