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Though there are plenty of tool companies creating knives, hatchets and axes in the modern world, some have a commitment to quality that simply makes them stand head and shoulders over the rest of the competition. Granfors Bruk is one of those companies. Having handcrafted axes in Sweden for over 100 years, Gransfors Bruk’s axes have out-completed dozens of rivals because of the company’s commitment to excellence and their passion for always improving the products that they offer. All the axes produced by Gransfors Bruk are hand forged and marked by the master craftsman that made it, ensuring that each ax has been personally forged and inspected for quality throughout the entire creation process. Even better, Gransfors is committed to helping the environment and only uses materials that are environmentally friendly for their axes.

The Wildlife Hatchet is made with the same careful quality as the other tools this company produces and is far higher in quality than the similar hatchets you might find in nearby hardware stores. This hatchet is made with a knot free hickory handle that measures 13.5 inches and is extremely comfortable to hold and use, even for people without a lot of arm muscle. Overall, the hatchet only weighs 1.3 pounds, making it an easy weight to handle with just one hand. The small size also makes it convenient to take with you into the back country on your next backpacking trip.

Made from spring steel, the edge of this wildlife hatchet is left as it was forged, giving it a rough appearance that doesn’t allow you to forget that it was hand crafted. The hatchet head is attached to the hickory handle with a traditional bottom taper to keep it secure, and months or years of use won’t be enough to separate the head from the shaft. As a bonus, the tool comes with a grain leather sheath to keep it safe from scratches and wear.

Because it is designed to be effective in a wilderness survival situation, this hatchet is an all purpose tool that will work in a variety of ways. The secret to the usability of this hatchet is that the head is shaped and weighted to be perfectly balanced for any chopping action that you need to use it for. You’ll be amazed how much easier chopping firewood, slicing meat or even slashing through vegetation is with this well designed tool. You can use it to cut up small vegetables, chop and stack your firewood or create small wood shavings for starting a fire, all with less effort than a regular hatchet would cause for you. With care and practice, you can even make small cuts like like cutting up the fine ends of spruce roots to make cordage for an emergency rope source.
With some tools, you truly get what you pay for, and the wildlife hatchet by Granfors Bruk is absolutely one of those cases. By investing in this hatchet, you can ensure you are getting a high quality product that you won’t need to replace anytime soon. With proper care, this hatchet will serve you well in any wilderness situation for years to come.

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